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Goliath / Gantry Cranes are self propelled cranes running on rails installed at ground level.

Such cranes are used at:

  • Construction sites
  • Ports and harbors

Workshops where existing columns cannot bear the wheel loads of a bridge crane Workshops with low roof tie height that might restrict the height of lift of a regular bridge crane Locations where bay lengths are excessive Locations where bay lengths do not remain constant Sites / projects where crane itself needs to be relocated from one place to another Locations where loads are to be shifted from points outside the crane span as in the case of an overhang on either side of the rails In workshops where part utilization of shop bay is required (as in a tool room attached to a press shop), a Semi-Goliath/Gantry Crane is used. In such a configuration one end-carriage of the crane will travel on the regular gantry rail while the opposite end-carriage will travel on a rail mounted typically on the ground or at a lower elevation.

A Goliath/Gantry Crane is typically more expensive than an equivalent EOT Bridge Crane. However in almost all the relevant cases as mentioned above, a cost analysis shows that it is cheaper to go in for a Goliath / Gantry Crane as against a Bridge Crane.

The cost analysis can be done by taking into consideration the following -

  • Cost of Gantry Girders that are required in case of a Bridge Crane
  • Cost of Columns required for supporting the above Gantry Girders
  • Difference in costs of civil foundation for columns (for Bridge Cranes) versus civil foundation for gantry rails (in Goliath / Gantry Cranes)
  • Difference in Down Shop Leads cost of Bridge Crane versus Cable Reeling Drum and Cable
  • Cost for a Goliath / Gantry Crane
  • Goliath / Gantry Cranes can be either of the Single Girder type or Double Girder type

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